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Chapter 3 – York Region recently held a training session hosted by Seneca College Professor and OMFPOA Director Scott Pugsley on Dry Pipe Sprinkler systems. Dry Pipe Fire Sprinklers Systems remain one of the best methods to protect buildings and remote unheated areas within many different types of building and occupancies. Within this flex delivered

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12 Days of Holiday Fire & CO Safety Campaign

Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council Announcing our 11th Annual 12 Days of Holiday Fire & CO Safety Campaign ————————————- 12 DAYS OF HOLIDAY SAFETY MESSAGING 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS ————————————- Team up with your local radio station to help promote fire & CO safety this holiday season. We are inviting your department to give

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Gary LaframboiseGary Laframboise

Thanks for the response.
Regarding the instructions, as we would be only leaving the alarm for 48 hours we should be fine without leaving any maintenance instructions. If Oakville moves towards a loner program it is more of a gap filler until they install their new alarm.
Our legal department if fine with installing a battery operated alarm as the owner will be required to install the proper alarm on the same day but prevention will return within 48 hours to confirm.
I never thought about the idea of the owner to provide a new alarm, this will be discussed with management.
You definitely bring up some interesting points.