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Chapter 3 – York Region recently held a training session hosted by Seneca College Professor and OMFPOA Director Scott Pugsley on Dry Pipe Sprinkler systems. Dry Pipe Fire Sprinklers Systems remain one of the best methods to protect buildings and remote unheated areas within many different types of building and occupancies. Within this flex delivered

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12 Days of Holiday Fire & CO Safety Campaign

Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council Announcing our 11th Annual 12 Days of Holiday Fire & CO Safety Campaign ————————————- 12 DAYS OF HOLIDAY SAFETY MESSAGING 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS ————————————- Team up with your local radio station to help promote fire & CO safety this holiday season. We are inviting your department to give

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      Tom MulveyTom Mulvey

      Hey this is actually Christopher Paluch, Tom’s fledgling FPO here.

      Our county training officer has asked me to make a presentation on a training day for firefighters, all to do with teaching suppression crews what to look for during fire calls.

      Just curious if anyone had any material on this, or could steer me towards a powerpoint I could coerce?




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      Delbert BlakneyDelbert Blakney

      Hi Chris, just so you know, you can create your own profile anytime and there is no cost to you!

      I have a power point on scene preservation I can send you if that is what you had in mind.  Let me know more specifically what you’re looking for and I will see what I can pull together for you.


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      Tom MulveyTom Mulvey

      Hey Del, I just submitted my application for my own login.


      Basically it is that sort of thing, scene preservation, as well as info gathering, making note of smoke alarm presence and function, dangerous situations, that sort of thing.


      My email is


      Thanks for the help! 🙂

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      John WilsonJohn Wilson

      Hi Chris,

      The big things I try to get across is that they watch for anything that could possibly be useful to cause determination that would get erased/damaged with suppression and overhaul activities.

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